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Making big change is tough. Yet, people with firsthand knowledge, whose jobs are on the frontline of education or medicine, for example, rarely have a voice in shaping policy change that affects them. Teachers, nurses, EMTs, hosts of others, their experience needs to be a part of the conversation. With New Voice Strategies’ VIVA Idea Exchange, you can engage the voices, ideas, vision and action of committed citizens to make a real difference, and bring about big change.

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Our VIVA Idea Exchange™

The VIVA Idea Exchange™ is an innovative online process that combines cutting edge crowd-sourcing methods with the best individual engagement strategies. We use a professional moderator and proprietary algorithm to diminish gaming and obstruction, and ensure our partners receive a high quality recommendations report.

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Our Experts

The New Voice Strategies leadership team is comprised of nationally recognized professionals, with expertise in government, politics, academia, media, and advocacy, and guided by an eight-member Board of Directors.

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Our Accomplishments

Since 2010, New Voice Strategies has partnered with a range of organizations and institutions to gain meaningful insight from their constituents and develop specific, tactical recommendations for making the policy change. Hear what they have to say about their experiences with the VIVA Idea Exchange™.

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